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Divorcing couples face a unique set of challenges when they have children. Those challenges can be compounded by your career, by your financial status or by any of the myriad outside influences a couple faces every day. At Peters & Clark, P.A. clients’ individual needs and goals are given the time and attention they require to be brought to fruition. The firm offers high-quality counsel to clients throughout Maryland who seek a fair, equitable and just resolution to their problems.

Custody and access

The Department of Family Administration of the Maryland court system does not have a “list” of factors to consider during custody and visitation proceedings. Rather, the judge decides what is in the best interest of the child by determining the “totality of circumstances” surrounding each individual case. Same-sex couples are granted the same rights under law in regards to custody and access – provided a second-parent adoption has taken place.

Peters & Clark, P.A. strives to obtain, consistent with Maryland state law, the custodial and visitation arrangements that its clients seek. The firm has the necessary experience and skills to assist families where one or both parents serve in the military, and to handle the unique challenges that may arise when residency may be in flux.

Child support

The Child Support Enforcement Administration in Maryland states that “any custodian of a minor child is eligible for services.” The courts use the Guidelines as a starting point to calculate how much support a custodial parent should receive for the care and welfare of the children. The firm assists clients by setting realistic expectations about how much support may be awarded, and by examining all avenues to ensure a resolution that is in the firm’s clients’ best interests.

At Peters & Clark, P.A., each case is custom-built to suit individual clients’ needs. The Annapolis-based office is a safe and secure place where clients can express their wishes and outline their goals. The firm’s team approach to practicing law ensures that every client’s case is studied from multiple perspectives, allowing the attorneys to present multiple options and strategies for proceeding.

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The attorneys of Peters & Clark, P.A. put their substantial experience in the practice of family law to work for clients in Maryland. To reserve a consultation with a dedicated family law attorney, please call the firm at 410-921-2422 or fill out the firm’s contact form.