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Comprehensive counsel for families throughout the state

Families are as unique and complex as the laws in place to govern them. Deciding to end a marriage is an enormous decision to be handled with care and discretion. The law office of Peters & Clark, P.A. offers clients a stress-free environment in which to discuss their needs and goals. This elite Annapolis-based law firm has earned its reputation for providing the highest standard of care, and prides itself on treating clients with the dignity and professionalism their cases deserve.

Services offered

Family law covers a wide range of matters which are deeply personal to those who need such services. To better serve clients throughout Maryland, the Annapolis family law attorneys of Peters & Clark, P.A. offer a range of legal services designed to create options for clients, and to guide them through the processes of:

  • Child Custody and Access. The attorneys’ combined 75 years of experience has been instrumental in obtaining custody and visitation arrangements and support agreements which address the financial security and well-being of the children.
  • Divorce. Peters & Clark, P.A. offers divorce services to traditional and same-sex couples in Annapolis and throughout the state. The attorneys assist clients with divorce order modifications, including those involving alimony.
  • Complex property division. The division of assets and debts can be one of the most difficult – and highly contested – elements of a divorce. These challenges present in any division can be further exacerbated for couples who share a business or with large incomes or inheritances. The office of Peters & Clark, P.A. puts its extensive backgrounds and experiences to work for traditional and same-sex couples in the process of complex property division.
  • Military family law. Service members face particular challenges when it comes to divorce and co-parenting especially in light of frequent moves and multiple deployments. The firm’s attorneys have always focused on providing comprehensive counsel to service members and their families, rooted in a thorough understanding of the transient, unpredictable nature of active duty military service and the state and federal laws that impact military families.

Because every family is different, every client is treated differently. The firm does not apply a “one size fits all” approach to family law; rather, cases are tailored to clients’ individuals needs in order to achieve a fair and just resolution that ensures the well-being of each client and his or her children.

Guidance and support for family law clients

Peters & Clark, P.A., formerly the law office of Paula J. Peters, P.A., handles all manner of family law issues for clients in Anne Arundel, Prince George’s, Talbot and Queen Anne’s Counties and the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. metro areas, and throughout the state. Traditional, same-sex and military families all face different challenges – challenges which warrant attorneys with substantial experience and diverse backgrounds. Contact the firm online or call 410-921-2422 to arrange a consultation with an experienced Annapolis divorce lawyer.